Diecast collectables and toys.

Our team


Our Car Guy - if you have questions about cars or diecast this is your person!


Our Leader - if you have questions about the business, crochet, or jewelry this is your person! P.S. If you think something is really weird or crazy this is probably your person!

Dennis and Joanne

Jewelry Makers - This dynamic duo make a lot of our jewelry. If you are looking for a special something in jewelry these are your people!


Our freshies Designer - If you have questions about freshies this is your person! She can do special orders!


Our Resident Mystic - If you have questions about rocks, crystals, healing energy, chakras, spirits, or ghosts. She also our cat lady, snake whisperer, dog soother, well I think you get the idea!


Our Rock Painter - It doesn't matter if its a rock he found or one he made of concrete or plaster. This man loves to paint it! Ask about special orders!


Our Real Boss - Boss, Model and Top Sales Person!


Our helper - Jack of all trades master of none (were working on it) Still trying to find her secret talent (we all know she has one she just has to believe it) She is great with customers and helping all of us with making, packing and shipping!

About Us

We are a small business that deals with hobbies and collectables. We plan to expand to cover a wide range of items. Many of the items we sell may be one of a kind pieces, or limited editions. We work with several artists and crafters to sell their products and promote their work. If you are looking for something specific please let us know. Many of our artists and crafters do special orders upon request.